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Why Writing Articles and Content is so important

If you have a website that is not doing very well, meaning you have little traffic and poor sales, 1 Source SEO can help you turn this around with highly effective content writing. You may have the best product in the world to sell and you may even have the best website visually, but if you are not writing articles that are keyword optimized, your site will continue to lag behind. We can help you with your writing by getting your site indexed with the search engines, and by writing content that is interesting and useful to your customers.

Houston SEO Content Writing

Our writers can develop not just optimized articles for your site, but copy that actually is useful to your readers, enjoyable to read, and related to your site or business. Many people when they first get a bit of SEO knowledge begin writing ineffective articles just to get some keyword phrases on their site. Honestly, it would be better to not have any articles than to have articles that are grammatically challenged and do not make sense or do not pertain to your business at all.

If you are selling birthday supplies, you obviously do not want content writing that pertains to automobiles, there is no connection and rather than gaining more customers, you confuse people. A confused user is one that leaves and purchases nothing. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your content is interesting and useful to the reader.

In addition to effective content writing, our team uses an effective approach to getting back-links that are one way and help to boost your page rankings on the search engines. One of the areas we pride ourselves in is listening to our customers and trying to get the best feel we can for your business. The more we know about your business, and products you sell, the more we can help boost your ranking via content writing.

Writing Articles for SEO Purposes

If you are busy building your website and getting your product in place to sell, there are simply not enough hours left in the day for you to being writing articles. In fact, you might not even like writing at all, but you need effective writing, which is where our team can assist you. We do not just write articles for the heck of it, we write them to get you results and to get your site indexed with the big three Google, Yahoo, and MSN. We use our keyword research skills and find those keyword phrases that are highly used and related to your content. When your articles are related to what you are selling, everything blends and when this happens, good things begin to happen for your business!

Our goal is to make you successful and our article writing skills help to do just that, they make you look like the professional you are. They put you as an authority on the subject in which we are writing you articles on.

Submitting Articles

The idea when we create your articles is not just to get articles written on your site, which is of course something we will do, but did you know you can advertise free of charge by submitting articles off your site? Some of the largest article directories give you a chance to link your website, which of course gains you tons of traffic.

Article writing is an essential step in making your site stand out from your competition, because when you have useful content on your site as well as in offsite article directories, you can sit back and watch the increase in traffic, which of course means an increase in sales.

Creating Useful Content

One of the things that people do when they first begin writing content for their own site is overuse keywords, to the point that the article either makes no sense or is totally useless to the user. We at 1 Source SEO take care that our articles are not just properly optimized but is actually adding value to the user and making it worthwhile to read the article.

Content writing is an art form and it is creative especially when used in way that is optimizing the article but doing so in a way that makes the article readable and useful. Remember, the search engines are searching and crawling the Internet for content that is keyword optimized and these get the best spots in the page rankings.

Moreover, your content on your site or articles that are submitted elsewhere, all need to be written with the end user in mind as well as SEO purposes. It makes you and your site look more professional to the user or customers that are viewing the articles.

Final Thoughts

Do not underestimate the power of writing articles by just using anyone to create your content that will ultimately make or break your site. At 1 Source SEO's we take the writing very serious and provide you with a serious of articles that are not simply optimized, but that are also readable, grammatically correct, and interesting to the reader. Call us today at 281-547-0939 or click on the Contact Us page to schedule a free consultation.

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