Houston Pay Per Click Management

OK so now you have a PPC Campaign setup. So you are done right? Just site back and watch all the money come in? Wrong. What you do after the PPC Campaigns are setup is where the rubber really meets the road in keeping your revenue coming in while making continuous changed to grow and expand. AT 1SourceSEO.com, our PPC Management services include:

  • Monitoring the bids and ad copy of your ads as well as your competitors
  • Make recommendations to increase or decrease based on result of monitoring
  • Perform Split Testing and recommend changed to grow and expand

PPC Management Houston

We believe there is a real difference when it comes to Houston PPC Management and the overall process being used. Over the years we have perfected a simple yet effective methodology that we call ASI. This process allows us to stay focused on managing PPC campaigns using repeatable steps to assure nothing is missed. The process involved includes 1.) Analysis, 2.) Strategy 3.) Implementation and 4.) Testing.

  • 1. Analysis - Once we thoroughly understand the purpose of your business and how the web structure of your site works and over Usability of your site, we analyze the keywords you are targeting and Ad Copy of existing ads that you have created. We leverage industry standard tools and best practices for keyword research and we look for opportunities to make improvements. During this page of the Analysis, we do not leave any stone unturned.
  • 2. Strategy - We take the results from Step-1 and we create a revised strategy that will assure your success. The strategy is a revised set of keywords, new ad copy and tweaked PPC settings optimization.
  • 3. Implementation - After the strategy is presented and approved, we proceed with actual implementation of the optimized ad campaigns.
  • 4. Testing - We then continually monitor your ads to assure they are performing as planned and we make continuous changed to assure we see constant improved results.

PPC Expert Monthly Reports

In addition to the ongoing improvements, once per month one of our Houston PPC Experts will sit down with you and review our progress. We show you reports of the proven results your organiztion is gaining as a result of engaging our services. The team at 1 Source SEO believe that in order to retain a trusted advisor status, we need to continue to prove our value add. We will show you that the increased business along with the savings associated with unneffective ads will more than pay for the consulting fee you may have to pay us. Call us today at 281-547-0939 or click on the Contact Us page to schedule a free consultation.

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