Are You Using Social Media To Build Your Houston Brand?

Now that we understand the power of Social Media, we now need to understand the importance of controlling your own brand. Ask yourself; Who do you want in control of your companies online identity? In addition, just as important as to who is in control, you should also ask yourself the question - What do you want people to say about your company?

You Are In Control Of Your Own Identity

People make judgments of who we are based on what we say and what others are saying about us. For instance, if all your Social Media posts are negative or you post non-professional or provocative pictures, then your audience will have this perception of you. The picture that is painted of you or your business is that which is seen online and the information posted most often.

Therefore, it is essential to create and control the Social Media posting strategy for personal or business purposes. With proper planning, you can clearly articulate your core values for the world to see. You make the posts to your blog, you release the important press releases of important events and you optimize the articles that are uploaded to social media sites. This way when somebody tried to Google you, they will have visibility to the content, pictures or video you posted specifically for the consumption of the public eye.

Brand Presence

You can establish your brand presence on various Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, HubPages, Squidoo, Flickr and YouTube.. You should also consider establishing a Blog and link back to your Blog from these Social Media sites. With the right posting strategy, you remain in control of implementing a consistent brand message from each of the Social Media channels. For example, if you are a Consultant, you can provide value added posts on Twitter then link to your blog for great information. Another example is you could create YouTube videos and drive traffic back to your blog or product page where you sell your products or services. Another element of brand establishment is simply to comment on other peoples blogs and participate in active posts for related industries.

If you need help building your brand, contact the Social Media Experts at They will spend time understanding your core values and develop a Social Marketing Strategy for you or your Houston based business.

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