Email Marketing Houston

When you need lead management in order to build a list of hot leads than market these leads via email marketing Houston or newsletters, you need the expertise of 1 Source SEO. We do the entire lead gathering and then market these leads so that you can have time to deal with the influx of your customers that will soon be knocking on your Internet webpage's door.

As the email marketing begins, potential customers that showed interest in your product or service are sent direct emails that are promotional in natural that link to your site. The emails are created professionally and tastefully and do not come across like a hard sell or too gimmicky, after all, you are attempting to build a strong client base, which is what we are experts at doing for you.

Email Newsletter Distribution

In addition to email marketing, we handle the email newsletter distribution where we make you shine by targeting the lead generation list that we gather for you. In addition, we have automated programs in place to send out information to the leads via email, which are not junk mail but rather useful information related to your service or product and then including your logo, website, and banner as a way to get the clients to your site.

Both email marketing and newsletter distribution are highly effective when you are sending them to targeted leads, which in the end increase your traffic and sales. Moreover, there are automated email follow-ups that track those that never went to your site; this gives them a second and third chance to take advantage of your products.

The messages that we send can be tailored anyway you want them to be, of course, we will advise you on the most effective wording to make sure you get the traffic you are desiring. The nice aspect to send out the messages via email is they are designed in such a way that most will get by the Spam filters that some ISP's have in place. We are the experts in this field; after all, you do not want all your hard work in sending emails with 50 percent ending up in the Spam folders.

There are distinct ways that messages can get through to the customer, without getting snagged by the Spam filters, which includes avoid specific words, not using all capitalized sentences, refraining from using a sales approach that picks up too many of the words that Spam filters search for when scanning customer emails.

The same principal holds true for newsletters, the last thing you would want is to create a beautiful email newsletter only has most of them end up in the Spam folder and never read. Therefore, it makes sense to hire us to do the work for you, while you concentrate on servicing the influx of customers you will soon see on your site.

After several weeks of getting responses from email marketing or the newsletters, then it is time to continue gather lists of those that have purchased and then target market those people with similar items for sale. For example, if someone purchased a pair of jeans from your clothing site, the next email marketing to them might be an auto mailing stating they can have 5-10 percent off their entire next order. The idea of course, is to have repeat business and you continue getting new clients.

It is amazing what automation can do when attempting to bring back customers or drum up new customers. Think about a purchase you made online recently, maybe it was a unique site, but if they never emailed you again concerning related products, would you return? The chances are you would not because you may have totally forgotten about the purchase. This is why email marketing and email newsletter distribution is so vital.

More people today read emails than they do anything else on the Internet. It is estimated that as many as 250 million emails are sent each day, and many of these are Spam, which is why the Spam filters have become so sensitive today. In fact, many people that bother to check their Spam folder find perfectly legitimate emails there that are not Spam but due to a combination of words that were used in the email, the Spam filters kicked it out.

Final Thoughts

Houston Email marketing and email newsletter distribution is certainly not a new concept, but one thing that we do differently is target your leads that we gathered. These people showed interest in your product already and are therefore more apt to purchase. Our professional newsletters brings it all together for your customers so that they can see what it is you have to offer and does so in a way that makes your business look professional and available to the customer.

With an optimized website, SEO articles, along with email marketing and newsletter distribution, you are going to find that you have more traffic to your site than you ever dreamed. Our success is only based on your success, which is why hiring us makes sense to help you as an online business owner successful. Call us today at 281-547-0939 or click on the Contact Us page to schedule a free consultation.

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