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Keyword Research and Keyword Tools

One of the most important aspects to having an effective online business is having your site properly indexed in the major search engines because it results in greater visibility and increased traffic to your site. Our team of professionals spend the time up front leveraging industry standard keyword to focus on keyword research before we ever design your site. We are experts in SEO marketing and can get your site designed in a way that brings you targeted visitors based on the keywords that people are searching for.

The Process of Keyword Research

When you hire us, we use highly efficient techniques to perform keyword research that is relevant to your business long before we ever build your site. This is important because if we built a pretty site without taking into account the keywords that will help make your site more noticeable online, we would then have to backtrack and figure out how the pages need to be laid out and how to tie all the content together.

The process is tedious and takes a great deal of patience and know how to research the various keywords that are relevant to your site and that are also high searched keywords. This combination will ensure you have words on your site that others are searching for, and therefore it makes your site high in the search engine rankings. The higher your site appears, the more organic traffic you will receive, which ultimately means more customers and more sales.

The list of keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to your website and business are carefully constructed. This is one of the most important steps in building a high quality and highly visible website. We do not rush through this process because it is something we pride ourselves in by finding keyword research tools that others are not familiar with, which gives you a unique advantage.

Keyword Tools - Necessity in Making your Site Effective

One of the questions that many people ask when they hire us is how long before their site will be indexed with the search engines. The problem with this is that there is no set time frame it can take as little as two weeks or as long as two months. Of course, we know from experience that leveraging good keyword tools and implementing good On-Page SEO techniques this a very important element of the site structure. We also know that the fastest way to be indexed is by using other high-ranking sites that links back to you. We implement both On-Page and OffPage strategies as link partners are not going to link to you unless you have good value added content. We know the process and how to make things happen for you very quickly.

The goal of the keywords that we choose for you is to get your site on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN since these are the top three search engines. Of course, once your site is indexed and you are showing up on page one of these search engines, then we work to keep you there because keyword research is not a one-time deal. Keywords and those phrases that people use when searching for sites continually change. So “dog training” might be a very highly search keyword phrase, but next month, “dog grooming” could be higher.

In addition, keyword popularity changes with the seasons. For example, around the holiday season, popular searches of course will deal with gifts, recipes, meals, etc. This is why it is vital that your keywords be effective and change accordingly with the changes in keywords. We have the tools that allow us to know what is hot today and how these popular keywords can help you now and in the near future.

Optimizing with Phrases

One of the important aspects to SEO and optimizing your website is that one single keyword is not as effective as keyword phrases are. In fact, those sites that make it into the top spot on the search engines do so with keyword phrasing rather than single keywords. This is why we ensure your we do the keyword research on what phrases will make your site more functional and bring in the best traffic results for your particular business.

The fact of the matter is that all online businesses are different, which is why you need our team to research the keyword phrases that will get you high in the search engine indexing and make sure you get an increased amount of traffic.

The Page Structure

Many people do not realize just how important the structure of your website is, if you do not use the space properly, you are more than likely not going to have traffic that actually stays long. This is why we structure your website so that it is not only optimized and indexed but also is structured so that it is easy to navigate, which means people will stay on the site longer and this normally means more sales for you.

Finally, at 1SourceSEO, we take the keyword research very serious because we know that this is the most important aspect of your site and it is important to the research before the page is every designed. This adds to the functionality of the site so that users that begin coming to your site and stay longer. As you begin getting more traffic to your site, you begin to develop a strong customer base, which is what every online business owner wants. Call us today at 281-547-0939 or click on the Contact Us page to schedule a free consultation.

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