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Link Building and Off Page Optimization

You have your own online business and it is not going well, so you heard that you needed to get some keyword-rich content on your site, you did that six months ago and still are not seeing results. One of the reasons for this is that SEO or search engine optimization must be used in conjunction with on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and link building.

Link Building

Link building is time consuming but used within Search Engine Optimization that creates inbound links to your site. There are several ways to build inbound links, these include:

  • Newsletters
  • Listing your business in directories
  • Submit to highly visible article directories such as Ezine Articles, Blogs, etc.
  • Exchanging links with other business (you link to them and they link to you)

When done properly, link building is one of the best ways in which to gain visibility to your site. What are the advantages of link building? There are many and these include:

  • It helps to get you quality traffic to your site, which ultimately means more sales
  • The search engines will view your site as valuable because you have a lot of incoming links
  • It creates creditability of your site as the links are viewed as votes of trust
  • Link building helps get your website indexed within the major search engines much quicker and is one of the fastest ways to get visibility in the search engines

As you can see, incoming links via link building is essential to gaining you more targeted traffic, which in turn means more sales and more sales means your business is growing! That is our mission at 1 Source SEO, to make your business the best it can be.

Off Page Optimization Houston

Off-site page optimization actually is part of link building but it is a bit more detailed and the two work hand in hand to get your site the visibility to rank higher in the search engines, which again, drives traffic to your site.

One of the most effective ways of using off-page SEO is by having great content that is keyword rich but is informative to the reader. We have SEO writers that know exactly how much to use the keywords, and to write compelling content. Remember, your content on your site or where you have your content, gives the reader the first impression of you. If you content is poor, such as poor grammar, you are going to end up turning a lot of people off, which is why hiring someone to do the writing makes such good sense.

There was a time when the content on the site was not as important as getting those keywords in, but today, the search engines are quite smart and if you begin keyword stuffing, you will not be indexed or moved up in the page ranking in any of the search engines. Today, you need fresh and relevant content that truly interests the readers. For example, if you sell dog clothing, you could have several articles that deal with dog clothing for specific breeds of dogs, why dress your dog in clothes, and so forth. The idea then is to use the main keywords along with related keywords in order to stand out and make your content flow more naturally.

Link exchanging is another great off-site SEO idea, because you can exchange your link with another site and therefore you are both helping each other. Obviously, you do not want to exchange links with a competitor. So if you are selling dog clothes, you would not want to exchange links with someone else selling dog clothes, then you are competing and not helping.

Moreover, directory submissions are also off-site SEO and can work when you add your website to a directory with at least a 4 or higher page rank. The higher the better, obviously, you do not want to waste your time submitting your site to a poorly performing directory because it is wasting time and not beneficial to gaining you any exposure.

Of course, with directory submissions, the paid ones are the ones that have the best ranked, so therefore if you take this route, you may have to spend a little money to make a little money or to get the exposure you need.

Again, forums are a great way to get links to your site because you can add a signature that links to your business site. This is free and just takes a little bit of your time to post meaningful messages in the forums. Obviously, never get caught up in forum drama when you have your business link visible, this is not positive for your business and in fact could hurt it, but engaging in meaningful and helpful tips in forums is a great way to advertise free.

Additionally, using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter are great ways to get your business noticed and it is a free avenue. Many online sites build a blog off of the main page, which is a great way to build up the content that is keyword rich and yet useful to the reader.

Final Thoughts

Both Link Building and Off Page Optimization work together to build a source of incoming traffic off your site. This is one of the most effective ways of getting your website indexed in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing and we can help you with all of these so that you can concentrate on growing your business and working with your customer base. Call us today at 281-547-0939 or click on the Contact Us page to schedule a free consultation.

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