Houston Website Assessment

One of the ways to begin making your site a success is to find out where it stands right now. This is achieved via site assessment where our Web Design team will look at various factors concerning your overall business and how well the site portrays your portfolio including:

  • Is your website helping or hurting you from achieving your goals as a business?
  • Is your website user-friendly, meaning can your visitors easily navigate the various web pages you currently have?
  • Do your web pages contain large graphics that make the pages slow to load?
  • Do you have Flash or other web design elements preventing the search engines from crawling your website?
  • Are you ranking in any of the major search engines? Is it coded with SEO best practices? In other words, are people able to find you easily based on SEO principles?
  • Is your website laid out in such a way that your customers are easily understanding where to go next or are they confused and lost on what to do or how to engage you?.
  • Is the text and fonts easy to read, or are you using a font that is difficult to read?
  • Can you proactively interact with clients while on your website?
  • Does your site offer clear call to action steps or do you have the appropriate lead capture processes and procedures?

Not all web marketing companies are the same. These are just a few examples and we will examine and assess your site to better understand the shortcomings and why your website is not performing in a way to reach your business goals. Contact us today for a FREE Houston Website Analysis.

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  • Yahoo
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  • MSN
  • Alta Vista
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