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Social Media Marketing is described differently depending on who you are talking to and the context of the conversation. We described it as a form of media that is promoted through various interactive Social Networking sites. These days, it is not enough to just provide interesting information. Social network sites are actually engaging the reader with great content while offering the invitation of human interaction and participation. Content can be posted by Social Media Marketing participants and the request is made for your feedback or comments. Some sites use a voting process such as the Like or Unlike icons while others use a rating method that allows the highest rated content to get more attention. Since the data comes from a large audience of various opinions, the data is based on what participants really want most. One example is when you watch TV or listen to the radio, this is one-way communication. You have absolutely no say-so over the subject matter and all you can do is watch, listen, turn the channel or turn it off. Alternatively, with Social Media communications, you can respond and provide feedback and this can provoke viral interaction with a large audience of followers within the industry related to the subject matter.

What Are The Most Popular Social Media Websites?

So now you should be asking the question “What are some of the examples of the Social Media sites” and what is the difference in how visitors can interact with one another through these various sites. We have broken the various Social Media types into categories as follows:

  • Social Networking: On sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Registered users login to these types of sites, post activities for their friends to interact and engage in online conversation and public discussion threads. They form groups based on specific interests and post content that pertains only to the followers of the group.
  • Social Photo Sharing Sites: The photo sharing sites like Flickr allow end users to post and store photos for their friends to view and comment on.
  • Social Video Sharing Sites: Video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo are sites where end users can easily create and upload videos for the world to view. These videos can be for personal or business purpose. Videos are posted based on a wide variety of interests including raw entertainment to step-by-step How-To videos.
  • Social Bookmarking: This is the process of browsing through various sites on the internet and tagging specific websites that may be of interest to other groups of people. A couple examples are Delicious and AddThis. They offer browser integration tools that allow you to bookmark the site within seconds during the browsing interaction process. The sites with the most bookmarks seem to bubble to the top and stay in the limelight due to the compelling content the end user fell in love with.
  • Social Article & Content Sharing Sites: Article sharing sites such as Ezine Articles, Squidoo, HubPages are just a few sites where consumers can post interesting articles and other compelling interactive content for consumers to view and use for informational or education purposes. Another element that would fall into this category is the concept of Wikis, which are articles and content that everybody can build upon and expand. Instead of writing one article and posting it for other to consume, everybody can interact with Wikis and build content based on the entire groups input.
  • Social News Sites: These are sites such as Digg and Reddit where news articles or event related information is posted. Participants can comment and interact with the communication thread or take the content and post on their own site or blog.

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